New Service Request

If you are wanting to put in a new meter, this information might be useful. If not call our office for further assistance.

First you will need to bring a copy of your warranty deed to the office and fill out an application form. (All forms necessary are attached to this page) You will leave a $100.00 for membership. Then one of our operators will meet with you to find out if your location is serviceable. If everything is ok, you will be placed on the agenda for the next board meeting. The board will then approve your membership. After that you will be called and you will need to pay a $350.00 installation fee and a $2050.00 impact fee. The impact fee can be paid out $200.00 monthly. The total for a new meter comes to $2500.00.

For transferrring an existing meter, you will need a copy of your warranty deed and a signed transfer from the former owner. All the paperwork necessary is attached. The cost to transfer is $25.00 and it will be placed on your first bill.

Relevant Documents