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Board Elections for 2024

Whereas, Staff WSC posted notice in February 2024 of the opportunity for candidates to submit applications to run for 2 positions on its Board of Directors pursuant to Texas Water Code Section 67.0052(b) and 

Whereas, only 2 people submitted applications for these open positions, thus creating an unopposed election for each position pursuant to Texas Water Code Section  67.0055;

Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Board of Directors of Staff Water Supply Corporation declares elected to these positions:  Mark Hennig and James Little.

The Board of Directors so orders that this resolution be posted at the Corporation's main office and read into the record at the Corporation's annual meeting, pursuant to the Texas Water Code Section 67.0055.

PASSED AND APPROVED THIS 8th day of April 2024.

Signed by Board President, Larry Herrington and Secretary, Rodney Shelton.